We continually improve the conditions and the working environment of our customers in a distinctive way


Colormix represents the historic brand of the Company, it’s present in the market since late 90’s.

Since then Colormix brand is used in the dosing and dispensing systems and their relative color formulation and color matching software adopted in the inks/paints/coatings production.

Nowadays Colormix has achieved an important reputation in the Ceramic industry where is able to provide a full package of solutions including its own tintometric formulation system, and thanks to partnerships with some of the most important producers in the Ink/Paint/Coating industry, we are continuously researching new more effective and cost-saving solutions, which allow us to reach an ever greater know-how in these industries.

Our customers have relied on us not only for the quality, the state-of-art technology, and the reliability of our systems, but also for our capacity to innovate continuously and to provide a prompt assistance, recognizing on us a trustworthy partner able to lead them towards the right choices since the first steps.

Colormix systems have reached a considerable spread: More than 100 in-plant dosing systems and 300 retail dispensing systems have been installed worldwide until now.

We aim to grow together.