We continually improve the conditions and the working environment of our customers in a distinctive way


I-TECH represents the corporate brand of the Company, born during the last acquisition dated 2012.

Since then I-TECH brand is used in the new-born industrial media mills (I-MILL Series, introduced in the market for the first time in 2012), in turnkey plants solutions, and in any system and accessory which have a cross-sector features.

Nowadays I-TECH has achieved a brand leader reputation in the Ceramic industry, and in the last years has started to expand its market share also in the Ink/Paint/Coating industry. Our customers have relied on us not only for the quality, the state-of-art technology, and the reliability of our systems, but also for our capacity to innovate continuously and to provide a prompt assistance, recognizing on us a trustworthy partner able to lead them towards the right choices since the first steps.

I-TECH systems have reached a considerable spread: more than 40 Industrial mills, 5 turnkey plants, and hundreds of systems and accessory have been installed worldwide until now.

We aim to grow together.