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IntellyTile 3.0 is a system based on artificial neural networks capable to control in line products in respect to a large set of features related to the geometry and shape, color, graphics, even for very high production rates.

The I-Vision IntellyTile 3.0 system, thanks to the technology based on artificial neural networks, is able to quickly learn new products without reprogramming, automatically modify each time the characteristics control set.

System Operation
The self-control system process IntellyTile 3.0 acquires and automatically classifies each template and auto-learn the optimal parameters that identify defective products, minimizing false rejects. It was made to be installed anywhere on the line, in particular after digital inkjet printers, is able to detect:
- Fractures
- Chipping
- Scratches
- Holes
- Corners and edges
Print defects such as:
- Lines and Banding

- Real time Classification. Intelly Tile 3.0 analyzes and classifies the tiles when they are produced and show to operators the occurrence of abnormal situations.

You can successfully identify defects in mechanical (broken edge and corner cracks, scratches, holes) and decoration (lines, drops, gangs, missing applications)

- The intuitive interface displays photos of the defects identified and their position in the tile, allowing you to quickly eliminate recurring defects. The software generate an archive, available from other PC connected to the system, making this essential tool for identifying the origin of the defects by reducing production costs and numbers of rejects.

- The sensitivity interception levels can be modulated simply by using a slider on the screen. The learning mode is completely autonomous, thanks to advanced software based on artificial neural networks.

Technical Data:
Key Hardware Features
Aluminium frame fitted with a protective case containing:
- Dedicated LED lighting system
- Line scan camera 4096 pixels
- Dedicated optics
- Touch-Screen monitors
- PC equipped with special hardware devices
- Electrical panel
- Signal Towers
- Interfacing with ejector