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Filling System

I-Tech offers an innovative and high-resolution filling system to dose and fill containers with liquid products such as inks, paints, glazes, or additives.

The knowledge gained in over 20 years of activity in many industrial sectors allows I-Tech to guarantee the customer reliable and efficient systems with a high technological content while maintaining a simple user interface. Thanks to the innovative algorithm contained in our management software, our filling systems guarantee high precision, extreme rapidity and repeatability of the process.

I-Tech is able to create filling systems in a completely automatic way, suitable for every type of innovative production, supported by project management that ensures maximum professionalism and high-quality standards.

All our systems have been developed to dispense products with a gravimetric principle, so that they can ensure total precision and repeatability in every lot. They are also able to adapt to every production quantity: from small quantities to the large-scale production.

The I-Tech filling systems can be configured both for water-based or solvent-based products and can be combined with different types of storage such as stainless-steel tanks, IBC tanks or drums basing on the production volumes. The dosed product can then be dispensed in flexible quantities within different types of containers.



I-Tech considers the distinctive features of its products as a determining factor in the competitive system and as an added value.


I-Tech has always been a precursor of technological innovation for industrial processes by investing up to 10% of its turnover in research and development every year.


We have always promoted a young and dynamic work environment in which experience and expertise can be combined in a highly qualified team, constantly updated thanks to continuous training plans.


The I-Tech assistance department provides quick answers in an optimized time frame, through a just-in-time strategy in order to follow every customer’s requests and to be able to offer customized solutions.


In an increasingly uncertain, volatile, complex and ambiguous context, the first characteristic of our company is the fast answers and the fast time of response, not only to the customer’s needs, but also to the changing environment.


I-Tech represents the excellence of Made in Italy as our high-level of products industrialization is given by the constant craftsmanship of detail.

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