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ColorFILLER Ultra is a cans automatic filling system.

It’s provided with 6 independent circuits, each composed with:
- Transfer, loading pump
- Dosing valve with relative opening/closing system
- Product Feeding and recirculation circuits
- External storage tanks connection sphere valves
- N° 2 electronic weighing scales 15 Kg / 1 gr. (that will be placed on a mobile trolley so to moving it manually under the proper dosing position. Each scale manages 3 dosing positions.)

Each circuit is connected through a feeding and recycling hoses system to the respective external storage tank. The can to be fill has to be placed manually in one of the two weighing scales and put in the proper position by sliding the scale under the circuit of the product to be dosed, where a dedicated sensor will detect its presence. Through the machine’s software ProINK, will be set the amount of product to be downloaded and consequently the product will be drained inside the can.
The software ProINK allows to save each supply records with its own product code, providing an historical useful for managing the production.