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I-TECH is part of the trade association that brings together, represents and assists “the Italian companies that produce plants, machines, equipment, semi-finished products, raw materials and services for the ceramic, brick and refractory industry in general”.

From July 2020 Bruno Bettelli, president and CEO of I-TECH was also awarded the title of Vice President of ACIMAC with management of the associative marketing.


I-TECH is included in the Smart Search section of the Emilian companies association, who provide “the excellence and quality of services and business culture responding to the needs of the global market” as a leading brand and expression of the Italian manufacturing hub.


the Antitrust Authority (AGCM) has established that I-TECH complies with the substantial requirements described by the Regulations for conferring the Legality Rating with a current score of ★ ++. I-TECH undertakes to renew or increase this score every two years for ethical, legal and transparent principles in corporate conduct.


I-TECH has been designated by the Ministry of Economic Development as an Innovative SME as it has the necessary legal and technological innovation characteristics.

Indeed, I-TECH constantly invests up to 10% of turnover in R&D and innovation, employs highly qualified and specialized personnel, and has filed two industrial patent applications for process innovation and registered a trademark.


I-Tech appears among the more than 2300 companies preset on the Services portal for the internationalization of companies in Modena and its province designed and built to constantly promote the Modenese realities at a national and international level.

The I-Tech digital showcase, translated into English, Spanish, Chinese and Russian, appears in the section “Modena Metalworking District” as a company specialized in the production of industrial machinery and plants on a global level.


I-TECH promotes its business and its services through the ICE Agency portal “Machines Italia”. The project allows North American companies to carry out searches by sector and product of interest and to directly select the Italian actor who matches the search criteria, as well as access the page with the contacts, the product sheets, inteviews and company profiles. Thanks to the updated calendar, information and dates for trade fairs, conferences, training programs both in Italy and North America are also reported.

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