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I-Tech history began in 1997 when Bruno Bettelli, at the time employee of Electron S.r.l, gave birth to the Colormix division as a branch of the company specialized in design and construction of gravimetric dosing systems for many industrial sectors.

In 2005, as a result of a corporate merger, the Colormix division goes under Tema S.p.a.’s control, a company specialized in design and production of electronic devices for industrial automation. Colormix will remain under Tema’s property until 2009, when Bruno Bettelli created ZS TECH Srl.

ZS TECH S.r.l thus became a new company that, thanks to Colormix brand, specialized in dosage, mixing and colour management fields. In 2010 it already has over 400 tinting systems installed in over 20 countries in different industrial sectors, such as ceramics, paints and inks for the packaging sector.

The operational dynamism and the attitude of the company, always oriented to customer satisfaction, together with a high technological content in every system, have allowed Colormix to quickly acquire trust, credibility and notoriety from its customers. During the following years the Colormix products have succeeded worldwide covering more and more industrial sectors.

On the 07th of November 2012 the changeover of the corporate structure of ZS TECH S.r.l. took place and now, alongside the founder Bruno Bettelli, there are three other partners who have been working in the company for years: Andrea Carandini, Fabio Manfredi and Matteo Neri.

In 2013 the company changed its name to I-TECH S.r.l. and launched a project to expand the product portfolio by creating new lines for new applications and this brought I-Tech to obtain a leading brand reputation the sectors.

Today I-Tech’s products are available in over 40 countries in 5 different industrial sectors with specializations in dosing, grinding, filling, mixing, stirring and transfer of liquid products such as glazes, paints or inks. The company has now also specialized in the creation of artificial vision systems applied in the quality control process after ceramic decoration.

I-Tech Over The Years

November 1996 – ELECTRON. The staff of the new company division is composed by 1 only person.

September 1997 – “TR 16”. Our first prototype for the paint retailing sector: a system for preparing coloured mixtures with a 16-valve rotary head and on-board can storage. The workforce grows to 4 people.

June 1998 – The first Colormix commercial documentation is printed for the first time.

May 1999 – “Colormix CM 8”. Our first ceramic sector prototype: a system for preparing coloured mixtures with a mobile weighing trolley.

2000 – The people employed in the Colormix division grow to 8. The new collection of products for the ceramic sector is born.

2003: “Enterprise 36” is born, the first system in the world for colouring water based ceramic glazes.

July 2005 – Electron and TEMA merger so TEMA TECHNOLOGY GROUP is born.

2009 – Colormix division spin off and birth of ZS TECH with a new headquarters in Sassuolo.

October 2012 – Change in the company structure. A new beginning: I-TECH is born.

June 2013 – “I-MILL 40” is born. The first ceramic mill entirely designed and manufactured in Italy for the production of digital printing inks.

June 2015 – “Colorfiller ULTRA”. The people employed in the company staff increase to 15.

September 2017 – I-Tech realizes the first automatic system for feeding inks to digital printing ceramic machine entirely designed and built in Italy.

September 2017 – Our first foreign branch is established in MEXICO.

June 2018 – The Sassuolo headquarters is renovated and the new team has now 16 people.

September 2018 – The patented I-GLAZE system is created for the stabilization and correction of glazing products.

October 2018 – I-TECH proto-lab. 3D printer

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