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Mission & Vision

VISION: In I-TECH we don’t simply offer machines, but we rather design and implement every system in order to improve the workplace and the working conditions of every customer.

MISSION: We support every customer through the process of technological innovation by improving the efficiency and the production quality of every plant.


  • DISTINCTIVITY: I-Tech considers the distinctive features of its products as a determining factor in the competitive system and as an added value. It represents the ability to think, design and build products exclusively and it is therefore an essential value for our business.
  • INNOVATION: I-Tech has always been a precursor of technological innovation for industrial processes by investing up to 10% of its turnover in research and development every year. In fact, our software implements predictive models based on artificial neural networks useful in the realization of highly performing vision systems. All our systems are also provided with a supervision software based on Microsoft technology completely developed by our computer engineers.
  • PROFESSIONALITY: We have always promoted a young and dynamic work environment in which experience and expertise can be combined in a highly qualified team, constantly updated thanks to continuous training plans.
  • CUSTOMER ORIENTATION: The I-Tech assistance department provides quick answers in an optimized time frame, through a just-in-time strategy in order to follow every customer’s requests and to be able to offer customized solutions.
  • BRAND PROMISING: The company aim is to maintain and respect the customer expectations, ensuring punctuality, quality and professionalism
  • RAPID RESPONSE: In an increasingly uncertain, volatile, complex and ambiguous context, the first characteristic of our company is the fast answers and the fast time of response, not only to the customer’s needs, but also to the changing environment.
  • QUALITY: I-Tech represents the excellence of Made in Italy as our high-level of products industrialization is given by the constant craftsmanship of detail. The manufacturing excellence of our products is manifested through their uniqueness which therefore distinguishes the company from its competitors.

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