We continually improve the conditions and the working environment of our customers in a distinctive way


I-TECH is a strong, dynamic company, which built its business, from the outset, on the concept of improvement through innovation.

For I-TECH, keeping its products at the forefront of technology and responding to the varying needs of its customers has always meant continuous innovation, research and development.

That’s why every activity, from the development of assisted formulation software to the design and production of tintometric systems, is performed with the aid of state-of-the-art technological instruments.


Skill, professionalism and flexibility.

The design of increasingly innovative dosing solutions results in a constant need to integrate experience and top-flight technical know-how with ongoing technological research.

That’s why I-TECH employs highly qualified personnel, who work in partnership with customers to meet a varied range of requirements.

Every project is carefully analyzed to ensure the best results at all times.


All ours machinery are equipped with an HMI (Human Machine Interface) totally developed from our software engineers, and are based on Microsoft .NET technology.

The choice of an internal software development department give us a fully knowledge of the process and data.

We are flexible to customize and follow our customer over any his needs with a full customer satisfaction.


For I-TECH, technical know-how and technological innovation must always be backed up by efficient assistance.

So working alongside customers and supporting them at every step of the production improvement process has always played a vital role in the company’s strategy for achieving complete customer satisfaction.

Thanks to the constant presence of technicians ready to intervene on-site or over the phone, I-TECH’s assistance department provides a rapid response to any request regarding any of its machines, all within the framework of optimized work times and a just-in-time strategy.


To innovate is to change, and change is born of ideas, insights and responses.

To innovate is to develop: to develop those ideas, insights and responses,using leading-edge scientific and technological tools.

To innovate is to improve: to improve products and processes through research, development and challenge.

But above all, to innovate is to believe: to believe that you can change.

Innovation means change.