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ECS is designed to integrate the preparation of the ceramic enamels with the tintometer.

The ECS system is equipped with:
• Self-supporting body
• Linear dosing head composed by the follow:
- Compact head, opportunely designed to arrange the housing and fastening up to 12 dosing valves. The valves are placed in parallel rows
- Dosing valves, each one with 3 different nozzles opening, + "drop to drop" settings.
- Motorized valves actuator, to manage the opening/closure of the dosing valves.
• Weighing scale, to be chosen among a wide range of solutions with different Max. Capacity and Resolution, in order to always fulfil the customers’ requirements.
• Procolor Glaze ECS software, which has the function to save into its database the data regarding recipes and raw materials, and to manage automatically the dosing process through the comunication with the system's I/O “peripherals” (weighing scale, dosing head, server). All the production data created by or through the software (such as records, statistics and any DB) can be exported to any ERP.

This equipment is completed with a full range of optionals, like:
- Mechanic protection & safety devices, to be installed in the handling area with the purpose to avoid collisions among the dosing tank (moved by the fork lift) and the dosing head or the weighing scale.
- Stirred tanks and their relative support structure equipped with pumping / feeding system