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I-MILL grinding systems represent the last and better grinding technology used for the coatings/inks/paints production.

The grinding chamber is equipped with cooling jacket and is fully covered in SiC (Silicon Carbide) in our top version. The horizontal agitator is realized with a performance design (not subject to wear) and the disks are provided with the most suitable special material (in order to guarantee fully compatibility with the product*).

I-MILL can be considered the most innovative particle size reducer available on market.

The state-of-the-art technology adopted in I-MILL systems insures high efficiency and high productivity in whatever production.

I-MILL can be provided both in ATEX and Safety Area version.

*On demand, an in-house tests session with our equipment is available.

The I-MILL Series is composed by three kind of systems:
- I-MILL 0,5 - LABORATORY HORIZONTAL MEDIA MILL 0,5 lt (suitable for Lab activity)
- I-MILL 40 - HORIZONTAL MEDIA MILL 40 lt (suitable for low/medium volume productions)
- I-MILL 80 - HORIZONTAL MEDIA MILL 80 lt (suitable for medium/high volume productions)