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I-VASFI The ink container I-VASFI is a storage unit with all-in-one feeding and filtration functions. Available in 500 lt, 700 lt, 1000lt and 1300lt size, is composed by: - Container for the storage and transport of liquids with: + Vertical parallelepiped with squared section form and frustopyramidal base sloped 45° design; + Loading hatchway with threaded lid and vent + Metal supporting structure with antacid painting treatment - Double-diaphragm pump with ½ inch connection - Pressure gauge (0-10 bar) to control the air pressure of the product pump (pressure of the product in filter entry). - Pressure switch/gauge (0-10 bar) to control the pressure in filter exit - Alarm for the pressure in filter exit (it allows to manage the pump block, when passing the Delta P threshold set in the pressure switch) - Piping kit to load/unload and recirculation of the product (made in PVC) - Servo-controlled valves kit - Electrical control panel, equipped with PLC and 3,5” color Touch Screen monitor Capacity sizes conversion:

Liters 500 700 1000 1300
U.S. gal 132,09 184,92 264,17 343,42
Imp gal 109,98 153,98 219,97 285,96