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MINITOWER is the Colormix dosing system for liquid products, designed for all those companies where an ink/paint making process is set-up, even though their typical batch size produced doesn’t exceed the few dozens of Kg, they are looking for a compact, resolute, and quickly system, perfect for high-productivity and high-accuracy environments (like in the printing factories, in the retailing small production runs, or in the R&D activities of a large-volumes plant).

MINITOWER is capable of controlling till 24 valve positions.

The system’s capacity ranges from 100 g to 34 kg of product at extremely high resolution, according to customer requirements. The system has the quality to be fully customizable given that it has been studied to be modular, both in the storage of the products, and in the configuration of the same one. Possibility to externally connect 200lts barrels or 1000 tanks, equipped with recycling system and/or mechanical mixer.

Its compact structure is also designed to maximize the speed and simplicity of operations such as cleaning and maintenance. Equipped also with wheels to facilitate movement around the work area and stands on its own supporting structures.

The system can also be connected to colorimetry tools and software, which can be managed from a remote computer. The laboratory’s formula is introduced directly into the management software, with no need for any further calculations by the operator.

In Colormix systems, the management software and dosing system (valves, pumps and proportional control system for compressed air) are identical for each type of machine.

MINITOWER can be provided both in ATEX and Safety Area version.