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COLORFILLER is the I-Tech automatic filling system for containers such as cans or bins that can be used for chemical products packaging industry like inks, additives, solvents or paints.

The system has 6 independent circuits, each consisting of:

  • Transfer/load pump
  • Dosing valves with the relative opening/closing system
  • Product filling and recirculation circuits
  • Sphere valves for connection to external tanks
  • Up to 3 electronic balances 15/30 Kg / 1 gr.

In the dosing system, every circuit is connected, to the respective external storage tank thanks to a delivery and a recirculation pipe. The container that needs to be filled must be positioned manually in one of the two electronic balances and, by sliding, it is placed under the circuit of the product that needs to be dosed, where a special sensor will detect its presence. Through our management software it will be possible to set the quantity of product that needs to be poured inside the container. The ProINK software also allows you to save the data of each filling with your own product code, thus providing the historical profit for production management.

Thanks to its filtration system, the shelf-life of the ink will begin at the time of bottling on site, rather than at the time of packaging from the manufacturer. This involves not only an extension of the ink’s useful life date, but, above all, the reduction of problems related to the clogging of the printing nozzles (caused by the presence of sediments inside the ink), thanks to the filtration cycle to which the ink is subjected before being machine loaded.

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