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COLORSKID is the I-Tech manual dosing system for inks, paints or varnishes that allows the creation of any type of coloured product with extreme precision and rapidity. It is provided with its own balance and is available in a desktop version or in a transportable version (trolley). Entirely developed within I-Tech in Microsoft Framework environment with Visual Basic .net language, PROCOLOR software offers an intuitive and easy to use multilingual interface for any interlocutor. The MS® SQL Server® search engine uses a latest generation relational database and can be installed either on the machine management PC or integrated as a client on the client’s company server.

It is the ideal system for small operations in the plant, it can handle both water-based and solvent-based products and its software, combined with a high-resolution scale, offers a clean and easy to use system.

The COLORSKID requires just one minimal input: the screen requires the operator to select the desired job number or the required batch size and formula. The scale tare is automatically set in the computer and the software finds the required weight of each component within the formula. The active window finds the actual weight of the component while it is dosed manually. the software alerts the operator if, by mistake, the weight exceeds the programmed tolerance. If this happens, the operator may request the software to reformulate to compensate for the error.

For every lot you can print a summary sheet with its exact data. The user can view or print several reports including: dispensed formulas, labor costs, production history, stock availability, etc. Production traceability is simplified with the use of a barcode system.

The different options applicable to the COLORSKID are:

  • Label printer
  • Barcode reader

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