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It is the MINI dosing system with storage on board (can or bin from 3 to 20l).

The MINITOWER has a small size and a compact structure, and this allows to fulfill different activities in a simple and fast way. It is also set on wheels to facilitate the movements and it is positioned on its own support surface. No need to top up because the can is completely replaced on storage. The storage cans can also be the ones provided by the manufacturer. The capacity of the system goes from 100 gr to 34 kg of product, basing on the customer’s needs. There is the possibility to connect external storages such as 200 l drums or 1000 l tanks, with a recirculation system and/or a mechanical mixer. The machine is provided with wheels to facilitate movements. You can also connect colorimetric tools and software to the machine and manage them from a remote computer.


  • Up to 24
  • Double opening: 16/2mm
  • Double opening: 11/1mm

Weighing system

  • 6 Kg. (0,05 gr)
  • 30 Kg. (0,1 gr or 1gr)

Final container

  • Can
  • Bin

Raw materials storage

  • Configurable by type and size according to specific needs

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