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Colormix SUPREMA

SUPREMA is the I-Tech dosing system for glazes and engobes, as well as inks, paints and varnishes that allows the creation of any type of coloured product with extreme precision and rapidity.

The system can manage up to 72 different circuits with the respective dosing valves and is therefore ideal for companies that need to dose large quantities of product in a short time. The maximum weighing of the lot is 2800 kg and the containers can be of three sizes: bin, drum or tank.


  • Up to 72
  • Triple opening: 40/8/1mm o 20/8/1mm
  • Double opening: 16/2mm

Final container

  • bin, drum or tank

Weighing system

  • Up to 3000 Kg. (multi range: 10 gr on the first 300kg and 100 gr from 300 to 3000 kg)

Raw materials storage

  • Configurable by type and size according to specific needs

The system can also be completely automated and customized with different optionals that can be applied to the system:

Automatic Mixer

For a perfect output our mixer ensures a correct homogenization of the dosed products, as well as total respect of the environment and safety for the operator.


I-Tech electronic transducer, specifically designed for the ceramic sector to detect the products density in real time and, combined with our management algorithm, it allows to automatically re-proportion the formulas, ensuring the same solid content in the finished product regardless of the variability of the density of raw materials.

PROCOLOR software

Entirely developed by I-Tech in Microsoft Framework environment with Visual Basic .net language, this software offers an intuitive and easy to use multilingual interface for any interlocutor. The MS® SQL Server® search engine uses a latest generation relational database and can be installed either on the machine management PC or integrated on the client’s company server.

Pneumatic or Electric Agitators

To keep the product in suspension, the storage tanks can be provided with an agitation system with electric or pneumatic drive depending on the application specifications.

Automatic transport roller conveyor

In order to completely automate the process, we can equip the dosing system with an automatic roller conveyor system.

Automatic labelling machine

A label with the product data and the production lot data can be automatically applied on the prepared container without the operator’s presence.

Double Weighing system

There is the possibility to provide the system with two or more precision weighing systems with capacity from 34 to 3000 Kg to ensure maximum precision on small, medium and large balancing.

Multi Dosing Head

If the raw materials that need to be managed are more than the maximum number allowed by the dosing head (42), there is the possibility to realize a multi-head dosing system, managed by the software, that will be able to divide the preparation of the formula on two stations.

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