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DISSOLVMIX is the I-Tech automatic system for automatic dosage, mixing and homogenization, by dispersion in the tank. It can be configured according to the specific needs of the customer, managing up to a maximum of 4 solid products and 4 liquids that can be manually or automatically fed with weight detection.

DISSOLVMIX is therefore the ideal solution for the preparation of liquid grits (CERAMICS) and for the early stages of leather processing (LEATHER)

Weighing system with load cell capacity:

  • Capacity up to 3000 kg
  • Resolution 500 gr

Features: Aisi 304l stainless steel dispersion tank available in different sizes, each provided with a suitable engine.

Thanks to the efficiency of the mixing system, the preparation takes place very quickly, ensuring a high dispersing power.

The system can be completely automated and customized with the use of different optionals that can be applied to the system:

  • Solid part feeding by:
    • bucket elevator
    • cochlea
  • Liquid feeding part by:
    • membrane pumps
    • peristaltic pumps
    • centrifugal pumps
  • Automatic unloading system by:
    • membrane pumps
    • peristaltic pumps
    • centrifugal pumps

C.I.P. automatic washing system with very high efficiency rotary head


Entirely developed by I-Tech in Microsoft Framework environment with Visual Basic .net language, this software offers an intuitive and easy to use multilingual interface for any interlocutor. The MS® SQL Server® search engine uses a latest generation relational database and can be installed either on the machine management PC or integrated on the client’s company server.

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