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I-GLAZE is the entirely integrated system created by I-TECH for the automatic correction and additivation of glazes and engobes, to be installed on the glazing lines feeding the tubs.

Consisting of a stainless steel tank equipped with a mechanical stirring system, thanks to the weighing system of a load cell it is able to accurately measure the weight of each “component” inserted as well as by means of a special FLUIDENS sensor detect (always in real time) the density of the suspension contained in it. The system is supplied by a series of servo-actuated automatic valves and pumps for dispensing the various protection additives and for self-cleaning (automatic washing).

The work logic is set on a PLC while the graphical interface is made on an attractive HMI.

I-GLAZE can work both independently and interconnected with I-Tech management software (PPM, GOD or PROCOLOR). The system is able to automatically recall the quantity of product needed for production, adding it, always checking the final density and keeping it constant throughout the entire process.

The C.I.P. (Cleaning In Place) will clean the entire system making it ready in a few moments for the next production.



  • Fixed correction/additive unit
  • Agitated tank 200 lt.
  • Electrical command and control panel
  • Additive containers

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