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I-NKFILLER® is the I-Tech transfer system for automatic refill of the ink tank on digital printers.

The I-NKFILLER® system is composed by:

  • A Smarty set: I-Tech containers for the storage of colouring products
  • A series of pipes that connect the Smartys to the digital machines
  • All electromechanical devices such as PLCs, pumps and valves that allow the transfer of the product from the Smartys to the digital machines

This system allows to stock the product that must be used in smart devices, the Smartys, which will keep it constantly filtered and shaken, thanks to an excellent technology for the materials recirculation that prevents sedimentation. The Smarty tanks are then connected to digital printers via an aerial distribution system consisting of pipes and containment channels and, thanks to the innovative filling control device, the product is then transferred automatically from the tanks to the digital machines.

The system does not have a quantity limit for the number of inks and printers and the configuration can be modular or flexible.

Combined with the I-NKFILLER® system, I-Tech has two software: one for transferring data from the PLC and one that works as a visualizer.

The system also has the following properties:

  1. Automatic recirculation pump
  2. Automatic refill for inkjet
  3. Automatic filtration
  4. Sensor for level control.

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