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The SMARTY liquid tank is the I-Tech storage unit with the function of filtration and automatic feeding of decorating machines such as digital printers, printing machines or painting systems.

It is composed by a container for the transport and storage of liquids and, on the upper part, it has a loading hatch with threaded lid with a vent. The entire tank is complete with its metal support structure, painted and acid-proof and with a ½” double diaphragm pump.

The tank is also provided with:

  • Pressure gauge (0-10 bar) to control the pressure of the product-pump control air (= product pressure in the filter inlet)
  • Pressure switch/pressure gauge (0-10bar) to control the outlet filter pressure
  • Delta P measurement with pressure switch and relative pump stop when filter clogging is detected (set pressure)
  • Product loading/unloading and recirculation piping kit
  • Servo-controlled valve kit
  • Electric control and command panel equipped with PLC terminal with 3.5″ colour Touch Screen graphic panel

It is available in different sizes: 500 lt, 700 lt, 1000 lt and 1300 lt.

Capacity conversion formats:

Liters 500 700 1000 1300
U.S. gal 132,09 184,92 264,17 343,42
Imp gal 109,98 153,98 219,97 285,96
Smarty 500
Smarty 700
Smarty 1300

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