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The new I-VISION quality control systems have been presented for the first time during the 2014 edition of Tecnoargilla, arousing great curiosity for their technology, based on artificial neural networks (ANNs), and able to recognize autonomously a large set of quality defects.

Since then I-VISION quality control systems have achieved a success beyond expectations: both end-users companies (as an useful aid in in-line processes) and process equipment manufacturers (as OEM part for their systems), are relying on our technology.

INTELLYTILE has been the first I-VISION product available: born after more than one year of R&D, specifically studied for the ceramic industry, it represents the best solution to check graphic defects in raw tiles. The system installed in-line after the inkjet printer allows to save energy, wastes, money and time, assuring a production always above the quality standards.
The INTELLYTILE technology can be adopted also for others flat surface products, like coverings, wooden or plastic laminates, packaging material, any kind of product already-packed, textiles, leather and others.

New products are coming very soon