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Customers who sign the remote digital assistance contract will dispose of augmented reality software and platforms in order to be assisted and supported during technical assistance operations or remote installations.

I-Tech technology allows every operator to communicate with our experts both via chat and via video sharing, simply by downloading an application on their mobile device.

Our experts will answer and see in real time the machine or plant where it is necessary to intervene diagnosing the problem in the easiest and fastest way.

Thanks to the augmented reality and artificial vision functionality, the remote assistant can draw, annotate and signal the intervention points that the operator will watch on his screen in real time. The ability to take photos and record videos also allows the customer to use the platform as a tool for archiving interventions and as continuous training.

The goal of our revolutionary service is therefore to shorten the distances between I-Tech and the customer as much as possible, as it will be possible to provide assistance and support anywhere in the world at any time, drastically reducing intervention times and costs.


Main Functions

Direct Chat

It is possible to contact our technicians via the application chat with which the operator can send and receive messages, documents, files, photos and videos from any device. Group chats, public or private, also allow operators located in different establishments to synchronize and participate at the group assistance.

Augmented Reality Videocall

The customer can videocall the company through the application and, thanks to the artificial vision system, it will be possible to take photos, record videos and write, draw, insert arrows or numbers that the other user will watch in real time during the call.

Simultaneous translation

Our experts can set their own language and the customer’s one in order to send chat or voice messages that will be automatically translated by the application in more than 60 languages so that it will be displayed or listened by the operator in his own language.

Machinery and product codes

Ability to enter the type of machinery or product serial number in the assistance form to find information more quickly and easily solve the problem.

Secure communication

All traffic is encrypted in accordance with international “best practices”. The audio and video traffic is end-to-end encrypted. For each support intervention, however, in accordance with the customer, it is possible to detect the exact GPS position in which technical assistance is required.

Assistance Form

For each assistance carried out, the identities of the subjects involved, the data of the activity carried out and the media that have been created and exchanged, are recorded in a form. In the list of assistance it will therefore be possible to search for a specific activity carried out by object, description, technical name, company or contact.

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