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The INTELLYTILE software allows the management of the homonymous system created by I-TECH. Thanks to a very high resolution linear camera (4K) installed on the production line, immediately after the digital printer, it allows a quick and precise scan of the surface of the slab or tile, suitably illuminated by specific LEDs, identifying and signaling any errors.

The identification of the origin of the graphic or mechanical defects of the ceramic tiles or slabs thus guarantees a drastic reduction in production costs and the number of wastes, as well as a considerable saving of time which are transformed into extremely higher quality standards.

The intuitive interface is customizable and easy to read and shows photos of the identified defects by specifying the type and their position in real time so as to allow the elimination of recurring errors in a few seconds. The software can also generate production statistics and reports at any time with the ability to export or share the analysis on any business system or platform.

The I-TECH technology also allows INTELLYTILE to quickly learn new production settings without the need to be reprogrammed from time to time. The software is in fact able to “learn” dynamically the type of graphics used, identifying the number of possible faces and adapting its algorithms in order to automatically detect any defects ensuring a significant time saving for operators.

The software assigns the identification of the templates and defects to artificial neural networks and is therefore the ideal solution for checking the final product with respect to a large set of characteristics related to geometry, shape, color, graphics, even for very low production intervals high.

The scan can be viewed on any screen, even remotely or even by placing a second large monitor alongside the system to allow better supervision!





Mechanical errors:

  • Cracks
  • Fractures
  • Chipping parts
  • Holes
  • Scratches
  • Broken edges










Printing Defects:

  • Drops
  • Stains
  • Lines
  • Missing applications

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