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In combination with the I-NKFILLER ™ system I-TECH provides two software:


This software has a transfer data acquisition function. It is installed on a PC in ethernet connection with the PLC and therefore records the data read by the latter.


The Webviewer instead has a viewer function. It is installed on a single PC but is accessible via the web to all the PCs in the corporate network and therefore allows you to view the completed transfers, thus keeping product consumption under control.

Three transfer movements are possible via user menu:

  • Smarty refill: when the Smarty container runs out of product, it can be automatically refilled through an external IBC
  • Manual withdrawal from the Smarty: all the Smartys are equipped with a tap that allows a punctual pinning of the product
    Transfer to digital machine: Thanks to this software it is possible to view the various product transfers over time.

This software allows you to have a precise and intuitive display of the transfers carried out thanks to the possibility of applying various filters (by product, by quantity supplied, by source or by destination) in order to allow an even more precise frame of consumption. It is also possible to export the result of the analysis to Excel where, to show the consumption of the product even more immediately, it is possible to add charts using the appropriate Excel function.

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