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Entirely developed within I-Tech in a Microsoft Framework environment with Visual Basic.net language, our PROCOLOR software offers an intuitive and user-friendly multilingual interface for any interlocutor, even without experience, for a quick and immediate use of our dosing systems.

PROCOLOR can be integrated with all the main management applications and for this reason the software can be installed both on the machine management PC and integrated as a client on the client’s corporate server ensuring full control of all aspects relating to the dosing of colors through the tintometer and allowing the repeatability of the color over time and a clear optimization of the production processes with relative reduction of costs.






Procolor allows the creation of multiple user profiles, each with its own password and the system supervisor can enable each operator to perform the functions based on the assigned tasks. The main operations on the tinting machine can also be saved in a log accessible by the administrator in order to keep track of activities over time.


ProcolorCer is a software specifically implemented to work on a stand alone system in a single PC or in a Lan or Wan network.

Simple structure

ProcolorINK has a very simple and intuitive menu structure. The most frequently used activities are also accessible via buttons located on the main form.

ProcolorINK READ & WRITE has been developed for use by any operator, and does not require previous experience in using the PC. The most frequently used functions are displayed on the main form to allow easier and immediate use.

Production recovery

This feature allows you to place a job in the warehouse performed with the tinting machine but not completely used in production. In a second phase it is possible to recover this product in another compatible order using a proprietary algorithm.

Recipe import from Colorimetry software

This feature allows you to acquire the formulas generated by most of the colorimetry software and to obtain the final color at the desired density.









Each raw material in storage, at the time of loading, allows the insertion of the production batch number. Subsequently, each supply will report the batch number for each individual component.

Product auto-calibration

The software provides a function that allows self-learning avoiding the operator the necessary adjustments. A few minutes per product determine a calibration that allows to obtain a final color in tolerance in every single component during the dosage.

Management integration

After careful analysis of the customer’s needs, it will be possible to integrate our software with its own management system.

Process optimization

The features of the software allow the production manager to check and plan the daily production directly from his computer and check every operation followed.
Using the F.I.F.O. a list of daily orders is created, which will be performed by the tinting machine operator.








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