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This solution will permit a big storage space reduction regarding the various storage tanks used to feed the production line.

By this solution you will able to dispense directly and easily, inside the storage tank , that will be available with a big inlet hole (respect to the other storage tank equipped with a fix mixer).
After to have dispensed inside this tank you will be able to place easily and quickly relative special mixer directly on the tank, so the dispensed products will be mixed by it, after that you will be able to move this tank directly on production line (without the filling operation in other tank and saving time).

Capacity sizes conversion:

U.S. gal158,50264,17369,84
Imp gal131,98219,97307,96

Our proposal will include following parts:

Storage tank
- Aisi 304 stainless steel storage tank with flat bottom and equipped with relative supporting framework which allows to move the tank with a forklift
- Special plates, fixed to the storage tank and used to facilitate the stirrer placing and centering on the tank
- 1 coupling and 1 discharging sphere valve, 2 ways, 1 ½ ", placed lateral on the bottom of the tank and used to discharge the product

Extractable mixer
- 1 Motorgear reducer group (24 rpm)
- 1 Motoring coupling made in stainless steel
- 1 Mixing system equipped with a special rake (that can be manually moved when it is removed from the storage tank)
- 1 Stirrer’s safety system used to protect the operator
- 1 Electrical Control Panel