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SUPREMA is the Colormix tintometric dosing system for liquid products, born more than 20 years ago to be used by ceramic manufacturers in the preparation of coloured glazes, slips and fume, along the years has continuously been developed becoming popular also in the coating/inks/paints preparation industry.

The system can manage up to 42 different circuits (dosing valves).

It is designed for companies that need to produce large quantities of product to tight deadlines.

The system involves the use of precision scales with capacity ranging from 150 to 3000 kg according to customer requirements.

The system can be fully automated and customized in various layouts and with the addition of a wide range of optional:
- Double Scale: the double scale solution delivers maximum precision for light, medium and heavy weighing tasks.
- Multi Dosing Head: the multi dosing head is the high performance solution, being able to produce multiple batch at the same time.
- Fluidens: each circuit can be equipped with a Fluidens unit for electronic measurement of temperature and density in real time.
- Software: the system can also be connected to colorimetric tools and software, which can be managed from a remote computer.

The handiness and flexibility of the system are some of his strengths: a laboratory’s formula is introduced directly into the management software, with no need for any further calculations by the operator.

In Colormix systems, the management software and dosing system (valves, pumps and proportional control system for compressed air) are identical for each type of machine.

SUPREMA can be provided both in ATEX and Safety Area version.