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The Colormix division is dedicated to manufacture and supply dispensing systems, mixing, blending and tinting systems for liquid products like inks, paints, glazes, coatings and additives. All these system have been developed to dispense products on a gravimetric basis, assuring absolute precision and quickness.

Our fully automatic dispensing systems range covers any kind of production: from small scale production till large scale production, passing through medium scale production. We are able to provide also manual solutions suited for companies who are starting to approach the colorimetry and to the exact reproducibility of ink & paint formulas.

The Colormix systems are nowadays produced in the following different models:

Suitable for large scale production with the possibility to be equipped with two or more different weighing scales. Up to 42 components.

Suitable for medium scale production and normally equipped with only one weighing scale. Up to 34 components.

Designed for all those companies where is set an ink / paint making process, and even though the typical batch size produced doesn’t exceed the few dozens of Kg, are looking for a compact, precise, and quick system, perfect for an environment where high-productivity and high-accuracy is needed (like in the packaging printing factories, in the manufacturer-owned paint stores or distribution centers, as well as in the R&D activities of an ink&paint factory). Up to 24 components.

System that integrates the tintometer for the preparation of the ceramic enamels. Up to 12 components.

Designed to dose easily and rapidly high volumes of semifished and auxiliaries products, like additives, resins, and any kind of chemical agents used in the paint / inks / coatings industry. Up to 12 components.

Manual solution equipped with its own weighing scale and computer-aided dosing software. Available on desktop version or mobile version (trolley).

All the systems can be used with water-based and solvent-based products. The EXplosion Proof version is available on request.

The components can be fed from different kinds of storage solutions (tanks, IBC, drums, cans, etc according to the production volumes), and they are dispensed in the desired kind of container (tanks, drums, cans, etc.).

All above mentioned models can be provided with different accessories (automatic roller conveyors, automatic mixing, labeller, etc.).

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